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wslpath - convert windows paths to wsl equivalents

WSL is embeded in my workflow and an essential element of my toolbox alongside windows explorer and my IDEs: VS Code and Intellij IDEA. I use WSL for everything. From launching programs to search for strings in code or documents. It’s my preferred way of launching apps. I even have an alias to docker.exe instead of using the linux docker command.

Many times I’m browsing the filesystem through my work directories and in one specific directory I want to search files from there. Usually I use the find command, but I have to convert the windows path I have in windows explorer to its WSL counterpart which is different. So, tipically I do it by hand. I replace the ‘C:’ with ‘/mnt/c’ and replace the backward slashes (’\’) with forward ones (’/’) as posix dictates. This is cumbersome and for long it bothered me.

Finally I took the time to search for a tool to do it and there it was: wslpath

$ wslpath "C:\Windows\system32"