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Raspberry Pi 4 is out. Buy it. Now.

Raspberry Pi 4 is out. My advice? Buy it. Now. You will not regret it. It’s garanteed.

If you plan to have an informed decision by looking at the specs first and ponder the pros and cons first. Just don’t. You don’t need it.

There. I’ve saved you hours of countless hours mindlessly wondering over incompreensible and not-really-for-your-usecase benchmarks, spec sheets, blog posts and opinion articles. You will thank me profusely later.

Fact: it’s the most fun packed device out there with a humongous and great community worldwide. This is the single most important metric you should look into. What good will a board do for you if you can’t run it properly or if it’s not widely supported? Will you fix its incomplete and crappy hardware drivers or even write them from scratch? Will you resolve all its quirks? Will you turn the Internet upside down looking for answers for some bizarre and imcompreensible error? No, you won’t and you don’t want to.

So, what are you waiting for? I already did it. Well, kind of. It’s out-of-stock (see?!) here in Portugal. I’m on the waiting list, though.